About Us


Our Business

Go-Go Bambini is a business built around the concept of indoor play and family fun. We encourage parents and children to play together and enjoy their leisure time in our centre where we offer something for all the family.

Our Mission


Happy Kids = Happy Parents

Our Vision


To be known as the best brand in children’s entertainment.

Our Values


Integrity, Value and Fun

Our purpose at Go-Go Bambini is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through a fun exercise in a safe, comfortable indoor environment, providing educational and fun activities, and offering a wholesome and nutritious array of food at our cafe. While kids learn the value of exercise and getting along with others, they can enjoy our unique play equipment and the best birthday parties around. We recognize the importance of creating an environment that is educational, rich and fun for our children, and at the same time – safe and clean, inspiring them to learn through play experiences. Parents can enjoy wireless high-speed Internet and choose from our range of magazines available in the café. Go-Go Bambini is the destination that provides an active alternative to TV or video games, a way for kids to burn off that extra energy or a fun outing for the whole family.

Go-Go Bambini is a company without religious affiliation whatsoever. We are equal opportunity employers with staff from diverse countries and religious backgrounds. Our staff from our ‘family’ and we work in harmony no matter what our background because we believe in our product.

We support charities that we believe do valuable work in the world, regardless of their religious affiliations, and our donations are made based on that merit alone, not due to any religious purpose.